Hi! I'm Nina :). I'm a stay at home mom who gave up her full time job as a teacher to be home with my son. I’ve always been obsessed with colors, patterns, and textiles. Designing my quilts is a great way to indulge all three of those. I aim to make sure each of my quilts is useable, but also artistic enough to hang on the wall. I bought, made, and received tons of baby quilts and blankets when my son was born, and he quickly grew out of using them. Hopefully, with my quilts, when that little baby turns into a kid you can still hang the quilt on the wall. Or maybe they'll just start right out on the wall which is okay by me. I design, piece, quilt, and bind all my quilts. This venture has given me so much in terms of an artistic outlet and also a return to myself after having a baby. Thank you so much for visiting me! 

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